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Your own customized lesson

I am very excited to start offering customized videos for people who want to learn about specific things that they can’t find elsewhere on the web. If you’d like a lesson on a specific subject, here’s the process:

Step 1: Upload a youtube video of yourself asking the question and email it to me at gns134@gmail.com (or just email me the question if you’d rather not upload your own video)

Step 2: Send $50 to my paypal email (gns134@gmail.com)

Step 3: I’ll make the lesson as quickly as possible (often I can do it within 24 hours but sometimes takes a little longer based on my touring schedule)

I’ll make a video (usually around 10 minutes long, but sometimes longer) answering your question at the piano, and make it public along with a link to your question-video.

Cool? Please let me know!

– Weekly Piano


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